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Wow some of this is so true lol.

larrynachos responds:

Yeah, it's satire. I don't have a problem with them, though.

It made me laugh and I generally liked a majority of the animation.
Great Job; Happy Holidays!

RetroSleep responds:

Thanks Cartoon Bacon! Glad you liked it.

In all honesty your characters seem to resemble Eddsworld, while I could understand drawing inspiration, characters with hoodies have now become a icon for Eddsworld rip-offs I like to play around with characters give them clothes you don't see very often. Also the audio quality was rather poor while I can sympathize that you didn't have a proper mic it was still rather rough. Overall the cartoon was below average, the animation was jumpy and why no lip synching? I understand some cartoons can get away with that but only if you where taking audio directly from game grumps. I've seen some of your stuff and it entirely resembles Eddsworld, the characters body structure along with wardrobe. There was also no attempt to create a background or even put a nice texture to the blank background. There was really no "Physical Animation" in this video, the only time that the character moves from Frame by frame was his facial animations. Do try to fix some of these things and I believe your series could have a future.

Megaman511again responds:

Thank you for you critique, I actually do have a decent microphone, but since this was done during school, I didn't have that around. And yeah I've been wanting to rework my characters for a while, not like entirely, but just their clothing.

And I will eventually make more real cartoons when my birthday comes up, meaning i can get my drawing tablet soon.

Wow excellent body animation and the oscarwitts voice acting was really well done, Great job I love to see this a completed project.

Haha that ending got me XD

Hahaa wow sooo true.

Wow, excellent story telling great job.

Fantastic really sad loved it.


Awesome work man, loved all of it really deserves at least a 4.00.

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