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cartoonbacon's News

Posted by cartoonbacon - September 7th, 2014

In the interest of people interested my series 'Slife' has a upcoming sequel(wow only 1 year later) and you can expect that in November. Large amount of voice actors involved now if only I could get more animators:'''''(3055486_141013553211_slifeepisode2.jpg

Posted by cartoonbacon - March 11th, 2014

Blah blah blah



Posted by cartoonbacon - December 30th, 2013

EDIT: Thanks for the daily 2nd, you guys are AWESOME! <3

Hey what is goin on guys been about a month absense. Decided to put out another cartoon before this years end. Thanks Mike Joseph for the excellent voice acting!

In other news for my 1 fan,  decide to talk about myself here. I figure I genuinly like a creator more when I really get to know him/her.

Stuff To Know About me

-My name is Isaac (hello)                                                                                                                                                             - I'm 16                                                                                                                                                                                            

-I enjoy playing video games(currently playing injustice the most)                                                                                     

-I like movies(Forest gump and shawshank redemption are my fav)                                                                                

-I genuinly care about my fans and subscribers                                                                                                                      

- 1 day I hope to see youtube/newgrounds as a career (as if)                                                                                              

Thats good enough for know maybe I'll make a cartoon just helping people get to know me? 

In other news I am working on a new cartoon; probably the most complex project i've ever worked on. And lets just say it's Assassins Creed 4 related ;)

Check me out on youtube if you have a EXTREMLY high class penis.                                                                               -And be extra high class and SUBSCRIBE.


I aim to update here monthly so stay tuned!


Posted by cartoonbacon - November 19th, 2013

Hot dam newgrounds you guys/gals are Awesome.

This is my first award in over 3 years...Long time,but also a FRONTPAGE! Holy flippin flop never been frontpaged before:]

Do try to check out my youtube channel at some point if you love me so much you can't stand to be away.

And incase you missed it: SLIFE EP1
Do try to check that out.

Working on episode 2 as of this moment.
In all honesty I really do appreciate it NG, i've been here for about 4 years.

Try not to forget about cartoonbacon while he works on SLIFE ep2.

Posted by cartoonbacon - November 8th, 2013

It's out took awhile just because of long breaks inbetween.
u can find it somewhere around my channel.


New cartoon

Posted by cartoonbacon - October 11th, 2013

Hey NG, any AS3 programmers out there know how someone like me with little to no programming experience in AS3 could get started and learn how to do it?
Maybe a youtube series?
Or is it just best to self taught?

Programming Advice?

Posted by cartoonbacon - September 24th, 2013

New cartoon out, A animated REVIEW for GTA 5.
You can see it HERE.

Just trying out some new stuff, what do you think?

Ya'll know I don't like to make overlly drawn out posts since not alot of people even read them.
So go check out that cartoon.

AND if your penis is over 7 inches you HAVE TO see it on YouTube.
Cartoon On Youtube.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Posted by cartoonbacon - August 4th, 2013

Whipped up a cartoon alittle while ago and had been planning to release it on Valentines day but I hadn't uploaded much lately so I decided why not?

So go check it out! If you like it 5***** it:]
Valentines Cartoon

In other news summers almost over which mean animations may produce at a slower rate:[
Which really sucks this has been my most productive summer in awhile.

Watch it on Youtube and if you like my stuff there SUB up for me. But I do have a youtube you should go check it out.
My youtube

Remember #SwagYOLOcut4BiebsMileyCyrusBlack

New Cartoon.

Posted by cartoonbacon - June 10th, 2013

Made a minecraft Parody (Cause it hasn't been done before)
Thanks Sonicmega for the awesome voice work.

-More stuff cuming soon.

Go check it out.
Minecraft Cartoon.


My Youtube Channel

Holy Hell I'm Animating.

Posted by cartoonbacon - September 19th, 2012

Took this picture in the new gameinformer, not sure how I feel about it.

-See Ya'll soon XOXOXO

So Gameinformer...