Programming Advice?

2013-10-11 13:39:36 by cartoonbacon

Hey NG, any AS3 programmers out there know how someone like me with little to no programming experience in AS3 could get started and learn how to do it?
Maybe a youtube series?
Or is it just best to self taught?

Programming Advice?


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2013-10-11 14:47:00

Every other thread in the flash forum. has a good list of some basic stuff, but stuff like this gets asked a lot in the forum, so you might find some other good links.


2013-10-11 20:34:54

Starting with a book would be great as you need to know basics of programming and the language itself. In the beginning just copy pieces of code and try to understand them. Functions and algorithms you know are like tools that you gather. I recommend that you always set yourself a difficult goal and then try to get as close to it as possible. Tutorials will help you with this. Just focus on what you find interesting or what could make your program more awesome. I think this is far more important than anything - play and experiment. It doesn't matter that you don't proceed in any specific order, you'll sometimes read a tutorial even after 2 or 4 years.

When you need to know more about a class, type its name and "livedocs" into google. The Adobe reference is brilliant:

Getting inspired by random examples helps too:


2013-10-12 08:36:44

Self-taught?! What do you mean? You mean, like, pummeling your face into the monitor screen until you type brilliant & complex code?

cartoonbacon responds:



2013-10-12 14:01:30

Get a book. Something aimed at someone who has never programmed before. Doesn't have to be AS3


2013-10-12 15:17:26

Youtube series:
Top-down shooter (AS2):
FPS (AS3):

Flash forum for all questions related to Flash or making Flash games:

A book about ActionScript programming, and making Flash games:


2013-10-12 18:29:50

My suggestion is to start with the basics of AS3 (or any other language you choose) and - depending what type of games you want to make and how you want to make it - pick a framework. I recommend the Flixel Framework for 2D flash games, it's easy to learn and you will not get frustrated and flip the table. You can know more about Flixel at . Also take time to read this . Hope it help you. Good luck!


2013-10-14 15:39:49

AS3 is a complicated language, completely different from the previous version. Unless you need the features it offers, I'd say stick to AS2... if you know AS2. It's much easier to do simple things like stop a frame, go to a frame, open a link, etc.